How to Remove Your Junk From Ithaca To Buffalo

Whether it’s furniture that you’ve inherited or simply just something you’ve outgrown, having unwanted furniture can be a real pain. While you can shift furniture to another room, it can make your space look cluttered and unsightly. Many times you can’t just leave it out on the curb due to HOA rules and township regulations. When it comes to unwanted furniture there are several things to do with it.

How to Get Rid of Unwanted Furniture

How you get rid of your unwanted furniture depends on how quickly you want it gone and how much work you want to do. Some options are more labor-intensive while others are nearly entirely hands-free, so it’s up to you. You can learn more about that on the wiki page we’ve found.

Upcycle It

Here at WeCallItJunkin, we’re all about saving things from an untimely end. We regularly look for antiques that can be repurposed and given new life. Therefore, this is the option is one of our go-to methods to get rid of unwanted furniture. Chairs can easily be upcycled into cute garden benches, while drawers make creative necklace organizers, tables, and shelves.

Sell It

If upcycling isn’t for you, consider getting some cash out of your unwanted furniture. If your furniture is still in good condition you could sell it on your local Facebook marketplace, Craigslist, apps like OfferUp, etc. If your furniture is old enough to be considered an antique, take a trip to your local antique dealer and see if they’ll buy it from you. This lets others enjoy the furniture without it going straight to the dump.

Donate It

Donating is another option if you don’t want to put in the time and effort to sell or upcycle your furniture. Many different non-profit organizations take furniture donations. Several organizations like Habitat for Humanity’s ReStore and the Salvation Army even offer furniture donation pickup, meaning there’s little work for you to do beyond arranging the pickup time. Other organizations that commonly take furniture donations include Goodwill, Homeless Shelters, Battered Women’s Shelters, etc. Some junk removal and trash removal companies also work in conjunction with non-profits that accept furniture donations and will donate your furniture for you.

Throw It Out

Is your furniture damaged beyond use or do you simply just want it gone and don’t care where it goes as long as it’s out of your space? Regardless of why you want it gone, many junk and trash removal companies offer furniture removal as well. These companies will come and pick up the furniture and get rid of it for you.  You don’t have to do anything beyond schedule the pickup and be home when they get there.

Hire a Professional

Whenever you are getting rid of furniture, it can be helpful to hire a professional. Let’s face it; moving furniture is hard work. It’s both cumbersome and heavy. Rather than throw out your back, working with a reputable and reliable junk and trash removal company can get rid of your furniture problem with a simple phone call. In fact, most junk removal and trash removal companies that offer furniture removal work with local organizations that accept donated furniture. Working with such a company means you can continue to do good in your neighborhood without having to do all the legwork yourself. Let your junk removal company do the work for you.